Book Review: A Scottish Ferry Tale

A Scottish Ferry Tale (a Scottish romance novel) is the debut novel by Nancy Volkers.   As a writer myself, I was excited to read this novel. Kudos to Nancy for getting her work published.

This Scottish love tale follows Cassie on her journey for love and redemption. She has followed her boyfriend to Scotland only to be bitterly dumped. Instead of immediately returning home, she decided to stay and escapes to Coll which gets her questioning glances but she feels it’s exactly the place for her in her present situation. While on the ferry to Coll, Cassie meets Ralph and strikes up a conversation with him. Through the course of the novel, the relationship between the much older Ralph develops and she learns about his background and family and during her stay begins to fall in love with him just as she has to leave. I won’t give away spoilers here. :)

The book starts off slow. There is a lot of back story but it picks up once the story of Cassie and Ralph starts to develop. The age difference is shocking and the storyline is a bit choppy but hey, it’s a debut novel and you have to give credit where credit is due.  This wasn’t exactly my favorite book but the storyline of Cassie and Ralph and their budding romance plus the Scottish countyside backdrop (it made me want to travel there!) kept my attention. I’m anxious for the sequel and the potential that Nancy has an author. The journey to your first novel is always a bit rough but I have no doubt it’ll have a fairy tale ending.

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