Life Lessons From Roxy

Early this year, a friend posted a photo of Roxy on Facebook (back then she was called Twilight). Roxy’s family was moving and they couldn’t take her with them, also her former Momma had developed pet allergies so they needed a loving home. I watched for a few days to see if anyone would adopt her and on the final day, I contacted the owner and drove up to Claremont.

Cats are instinctive and smart creatures. Roxy immediately figured out something was wrong and hid under the bed. In her bright pink carrier, she was miserable and meowed the whole hour we were driving. Once she arrived at my apartment, she stayed isolated under the bed for a month and hardly ate or drank. I was worried we would never bond and nervous about being a first time cat Momma but eventually Roxy found her way out from the shadows and for seven months she’s been the center of my life and taught me a lot about life and being a pet owner.

Patience is a virtue

Cats are nocturnal creatures. I’m a night owl too but Roxy has me beat. On the days I tried to sleep early, Roxy would be up running around the place, trying to climb up boxes and furniture, and meowing to get my attention. Her fur gets everywhere and sometimes it’s hard to clean up. She likes to scratch my favorite reading chair and use my carpet as toilet paper. She has tested the limits of my OCD, neat freak nature, and my germ phobia however despite everything she does I’ve had to learn to let go of all these obsessive habits and expect the fact that my once white carpet will always need to be cleaned, fur will be on every thing, and I just need to let go and learn to adapt.

Don’t be afraid to explore

Cats are curious creatures. At first I would run around and shoo her away from everything but then I realized life indoors is all she’s got unless I let her outdoors. She has the right to explore and be at home here. I can’t limit her life any further. If I don’t want anything broken I have to find a safer higher place to put it. Roxy also likes to sniff my shoes, my clothes, and dig into the groceries when I bring them home. Her curiosity has got me thinking about the restrictions I place on my own life.  If Roxy isn’t afraid to jump to next heights, why should I be? What’s holding me back? What am I afraid of? It never hurts to explore and see what’s out there (or up there).

Embrace Life and Have Fun

In order to be the best possible cat Momma, I bought Roxy several toys – pretty much the whole toy department at Pet Smart hoping there would be something she would like. However she ignored them all in favor of milk rings, bottle caps, and crumpled up pieces of paper. She makes her own fun by playing hide and seek with me, chasing a laser pointer, or whatever insects find their way into our home. She has taught me you don’t need materialistic expensive toys to have fun, that you can be creative, and make a lot out of nothing. Roxy embraces every task and play toy with a vigorous intensity and gives it her all.

Sleep is blissful

I evade sleep every chance I get. I stay up until dawn and when I do get to bed I don’t want to get up. Roxy naps every chance she gets. Sometimes, she even snores. She finds a comfortable spot and takes a cat nap. No one really knows why cats sleep so much but she’s taught me not to ignore an opportunity to nap or get a good night’s rest. I don’t have to be up every night and beauty sleep is important.

Love Unconditionally

Roxy had no choice when she left her family behind and came to live with me. She had been with her family for two years until they moved away and developed allergies. For seven months, she’s had to get used to a new home and a new owner. However she’s come to love me, follow me everywhere, communicate her needs to me, and snuggle with me in bed.

In conclusion

Roxy has taught me to live in the moment and embrace the present. She’s taught me to make the best of today, get my beauty sleep, to not be afraid to explore something new, and not be afraid to love.  Adopting Roxy was a scary decision but quite possibly the best decision of my life. Who knew a cat could teach you so much about life and how to live it?

Here’s a little a song I recorded about Roxy. You can also follow her on Twitter. :)

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  • Carol Quinn

    Aww, lovely! I know this story from having dogs – but cats are pretty cool, too :)

  • Ricardo Bueno

    Love it! For me, it’s about learning to live in the moment, so that you can enjoy life just a little bit more… 

  • Danna Crawford

    We have a cat that my husband and I adore so I can relate!

  • Zack Swire

    Hahaha, wow @sbeasla:twitter  cats and kittens keep coming up this morning. “This is a song about my cat, my cat named Roxy” Classic. Love it. 

  • Gabriella

    Cats are the most wonderful creatures… and yes their love is unconditional. I have 2 and couldn’t imagine life without them.

  • Anonymous

    This was one of your best posts!!  At least for me because I love cats!  Hugs, Sally