If you’re not going to be social, why are you on social media?

True fact: I like reading your blogs. Everyone has a story to share, a passion, or a skill to pass on. I gain insight or learn something new. I like to be inspired and a perpetual student.

I like your blog even more if I can find a way to subscribe, easily share your content, follow you on Facebook and Twitter, and contact you.  However, therein also lies the problem: your blog might be great but if I have something to share with you and you don’t respond back we both have issues. And that’s what happened a month ago.

I ran across a serious issue with someone’s blog. I thought about it for a day and finally decided they should know about it. It wasn’t my problem but obviously they hadn’t noticed it yet. I figured I was being polite. So I sent a tweet, left a comment on their blog post, found them on Facebook and left a message, and emailed them via their contact page.  I did everything I possibly could and probably went a little overboard but hey I wanted them to know.

A few weeks passed by and I heard nothing. I figured they didn’t care to know about the issue however I also noticed their Facebook wall, Twitter account, and blog was mostly ignored except to post an occasional blog post that automatically got feed to their social media sites. Ouch. They also didn’t respond to any comments which made me wonder why they were blogging in the first place. Didn’t they care about growing their readership?

Finally, a month later, I got a tweet. They thanked me for calling attention to the matter and they were working on resolving it. They said they weren’t very social and only blogged part time.  So I guess this is where I’m confused. If you’re not going to be social, why are you on social media? Why bother setting up a Twitter account or Facebook fan page? Why blog? I don’t get it. Blog privately and shut down your accounts. If people find you on a social media and send you a tweet or leave a message on your Facebook page, they expect something. If you’re famous, they might be lucky to get a response but if you’re an average joe/jane like me, you really have no excuse.

In conclusion, think hard before you sign up for a social media site. They require engagement. They require you to be “social.” They ask that you step out of your comfort zone and interact. If you’re not ready, then don’t sign up. And just for the record, I decided not to call out the individuals in question. I’ll let them stay anti-social.

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