Sukhraj BeaslaSukhraj Beasla: Social Media Consulting

Sukhraj Beasla is a self described social media addict working in Orange County advising small businesses on the joys of communicating online. She makes use of all new and emerging technology related to connecting and engaging with people online and loves to learn and study more about them.

She writes for Examiner.com about Social Media and graduated from the Johnston Center of Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands with a degree in brand and retail marketing. Other hobbies include blogging about her experiences with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program as a marathoner, CNN iReport, and being an Elite Yelper.

What’s in a Name?

Now that that’s over with, welcome to the randomness that is me. This is where I rant, rave, talk about the everyday stuff and the not so everyday stuff like what I do as described so nicely up there.

I am the one and only – a maverick and a non-conformist literally since birth when my parents got into a car accident (thanks to pregnancy cravings and a late night run for ice cream), my Mom when into labor, and I decided right then and there I was ready to make my way into the world.  The name was spontaneous; figuring I could survive any odds my Mom labeled me the Queen of Happiness and with the support and guidance of my parents, I began to make my mark in the world.

I have embraced the love of the written word from an early age when I first visited the library with my late Grandfather (read the CNN iReport and article) with a red wagon in tow for all the books we would collect for years to come. Since then, a passion for writing and books was born and has spawned a collection of 500+ and counting.

This blog is a collection of all things relating to me, the Queen of Happiness.  I write about my experience and work in Social Media, my passion for running and raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program, and my everyday thoughts lovingly dubbed “stream of consciousness from the Queen of Happiness.”

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