Take a moment for yourself. Don’t share it

The other night, while out running errands, I exited the grocery store and noticed a slow fog rolling in off the hills. I watched in amazement as I pushed my grocery cart across the parking lot to my car and then I stood there – taking it all in. Meanwhile, in the back of my […]

A Few Random Facts About Me

1.) I’m terrified of being cold but I love the fall and winter seasons.  I like to see the leaves change color, the smell of fireplaces, various baked goods, wearing warm fuzzy sweaters, xmas decorations, and how you’ll always catch a smile on someone’s face because it’s the holidays. 2.) I always, always, always wear […]

Welcome to the 30’s, Suki

They say life begins at 30. Truer words couldn’t have been said. Growing up wasn’t easy. I didn’t have the ideal childhood meaning I missed out on all sorts of pop culture trends and silly things like carnivals, riding a bike, learning how to swim etc so for the past few years I’ve been like […]

Sometimes we just need to stop and listen

Lately I’ve realized I’ve been so caught up in my online world that I’ve ignored a few warning signs in my life. It’s nothing serious or life threatening but just some things that I’ve neglected or ignored. What brought me out of my tech coma was a simple malfunction and a lost signal. It caused […]

Sikh Awareness Month in California

In September, the state assembly passed a historic measure declaring November to be Sikh Awareness Month for the 250,00 strong Sikh community in California. Today marks the first day of cultural events all across the state. The resolution (ACR 181) was moved by Assemblyman Dan Logue (Republican), was passed unanimously by the state assembly Sept […]

2010 Blog Action Day: The Bottled Water Industry

Today is Blog Action Day, an event held worldwide that unites bloggers on a single topic to raise awareness and this year’s topic is water.  The subject of water hits close to home as I watch countless people waste their time and money on drinking bottled water, most recently I watched a friend’s passenger side […]

Thai It, You’ll Like It

If I didn’t know any better, I’d assume my blog was taken over by anything and everything Thai lately. I guess you could blame that on a recent wine tasting event, getting to know Kanchana Rubino and all she does at Sweet Basil, and developing an interest in trying her food. This all led to […]

Thai and Toes: A Spa Day at the Park

For every day that I get a rare occasion to wake up and greet the sun, I am thankful that I didn’t miss that moment even though it’s an hour that I would usually be spending in bed because of my night owl nature. However those pre-dawn hours speak for themselves: the air is crisp, […]

Get off your phone and smell the roses

After a meeting at Irvine Spectrum while walking back to my car and speculating how far I had parked, the sun, the fact I had forgotten my sunscreen, that my skin was probably burning, how this was all frowned upon, I realized my thoughts were taking me away from the beauty around me and while […]