Do’s and Don’ts for Marathon Spectators

This weekend, I ran/walk/jogged (read: attempted) the Long Beach Half Marathon. I was amazed by the amount of spectators; it was more than I’ve ever seen at any marathon and I’ve now done 10 race events. However, my amazement quickly turned to dismay. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate spectators and the fact that they […]

Dear Universe

I know I haven’t written in a short while but lately, I’ve been questioning the universe and its motives.  Yesterday at the 140 characters conference in Los Angeles I twisted my knee and fell down the stairs. A week ago, I sprained my back and a month before that I got a foot injury. Yesterday […]


Yes, I just said Fartleks. Don’t get excited. Fartleks have nothing to do with flatulence.  In fact, it’s a Swedish name for speed play.  Fartleks are useful for training. They are split up into intervals and encourage you to test your speed and endurance.  If you’re looking to improve your time, it’s encouraged that you […]

The San Francisco Marathon: Worth the Hurt?

On July 25th, I made a feeble attempt to run the San Francisco marathon. I skipped traditional pasta dinner and had pizza at the hotel restaurant. If you’re a marathon aficionado, you know the rules: nothing new before race day and by trying something new I think I sealed my fate. I woke up at […]

Marathon Traditions: The Pasta Dinner

This Sunday, I will be running the San Francisco Marathon. It’ll be my 9th race and like all races, I’m nervous and excited. The anticipation has got me thinking about a tradition I’ve observed since 2007 (when I first started racing), the pasta dinner. In the most simple terms, a pasta dinner makes sense. We […]

The Gym, Treadmills, and Sweat..Oh My!

It takes 21 days to form a habit and since the end of summer season in June I’ve been struggling to pick a date to create that habit. Excuses are convenient when you’re trying to accomplish a major milestone in your life. It’s easy to talk yourself out of going to the gym because you’re […]

Summer season comes to an end

It’s hard to imagine that in a few short weeks, the summer season will come to an end. I’m sure that I’m not alone in this revelation and like most on my team, we are all recalling fond memories of info meetings, kickoff, and that first day at practice when it rained relentlessly. Summer season […]

You’re Almost There

If you’re a marathoner, you’ve probably heard the words “you’re almost there” at least a hundred million times during your training and before crossing the finish line. For some (a rare few), these words provide comfort and relief but the vast majority of us can only hear these words with a mix of frustration and […]

In honor of Coach John

This week took a sad turn when we learned that assistant coach John had been admitted to the hospital. John has been free of cancer for 10 years and contributed back to the cause in over $80,000 worth of donations through various fundraisers.  I vividly remember the day he shared his story and sent a […]

Team in Raining?

It’s unfortunate that my last blog post is from kickoff. Our OC marathon team has accomplished a lot since then. They have passed the re-commitment point, dared the double digits, trained in rainy weather, and truly dug deep to find themselves. At this point, our team is truly dedicated to the task at hand – […]