If you’re not going to be social, why are you on social media?

True fact: I like reading your blogs. Everyone has a story to share, a passion, or a skill to pass on. I gain insight or learn something new. I like to be inspired and a perpetual student. I like your blog even more if I can find a way to subscribe, easily share your content, […]

A World without Steve Jobs

Today, we wake up to a world without Steve Jobs. I’m still in disbelief and even cried a little when I heard the news. I was in shock and couldn’t believe it. He inspired all of us to dream, be crazy, and have a vision. Here’s my letter to Steve: Dear Steve, I first heard […]

Why Cities Need a Solid Social Media Strategy

This afternoon, I had an appointment at Big Train which happens to be 5 minutes away from where I live however when I got to Bake Pkwy I noticed a line of cars and figured it was an unusual lunch rush. I tweeted about the incident, got a few retweets, and 15 minutes later I […]

Dear Facebook: I think you have ADD

And you need some serious help. I watched The Social Network and I’m pretty sure Mark Zuckerberg has ADD. Another revision? So soon? Already? I could have sworn there was an update like last month (friendship pages) and I barely got used to that. People say change is good. Change should be embraced however I’m […]

Can I Pick Your Brain?

Ouch! No! What are you thinking? That would hurt. Oh, that’s not what you meant. So what did you mean? Ah, I see. You meant it figuratively. You want to pick my brain for FREE advice. Like I said earlier: No! Picking my brain does hurt. Not physically unless you bore me with your ideas […]

Unboxing: Twitgift From #RisingUp Crew

For the past few months, I have vicariously followed the Rising Up crew on their quest to travel to 45 cities in 65 days to capture 55 stories about entrepreneurs who saw it in themselves to seek a life outside of the confines of a cubicle. The project is called Rise of the Cubicle Farmer. […]

A Letter to Facebook

Dear Facebook, I love you. I really do. I joined early on before I even knew what you could become or what power you held over me. I joined because my sister told me you were “cool.” I left Friendster and MySpace to be with you. That’s how loyal I am. I was there amongst […]

Audio Blog: A Shoutout to Social Media

This weekend was simply amazing and as I sit here and reflect I have social media to thank for all these wonderful people in my life. I recorded this audio blog in honor of social media, this weekend, and for all those that haven’t started on social media or are thinking of quitting due to […]

Lone Star Sneak Preview (Thanks to Klout and Fox Networks)

Lone Star is a new Fall drama set to air on Fox Networks beginning Monday night at 9/8 central.  Thanks to social media and an influential network I was able to preview the show before it aired. A company called Klout partnered with Fox Networks to send a few social networkers on either a red […]

Social Media and ROI: What are you Measuring?

This morning, I spent about 2 hours explaining social media and how it works. I don’t mind this time. If they get it, the time was well spent; if they don’t then I know that’s an area of my business I need to work on. The conversation went well but I could still see the […]