If you’re not going to be social, why are you on social media?

True fact: I like reading your blogs. Everyone has a story to share, a passion, or a skill to pass on. I gain insight or learn something new. I like to be inspired and a perpetual student. I like your blog even more if I can find a way to subscribe, easily share your content, […]

Blogging Goals for 2011

Writing is my zen. It’s therapeutic. Kinda like Fruit Ninja on the iPhone. I’ve been looking back at my archives for 2010 and I realized my blog sort of suffered. I posted when it felt convenient but this year I’d like to be on schedule, have a game plan, and blog consistently here and on […]

31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge

On July 2nd, I started this WordPress site in an effort to combine all my blogs and build a dynamic blogging site. While building and customizing this site, I also flirted with the idea of starting this challenge. I have read Darren Rowse’s book: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income however the […]