Can I Pick Your Brain?

Ouch! No! What are you thinking? That would hurt. Oh, that’s not what you meant. So what did you mean? Ah, I see. You meant it figuratively. You want to pick my brain for FREE advice. Like I said earlier: No! Picking my brain does hurt. Not physically unless you bore me with your ideas […]

Audio Blog: Why I Love BNI and You Will Too

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, know me in real life, or catch my Foursquare updates, you’ll realize that every Wednesday morning I’m at a golf course for something other than golf (a game I know nothing of but admire the courses and club houses very much). So what exactly am I doing […]

Networking Etiquette 101: Remembering Names

My name is Sukhraj. I’ll be the first to admit it’s not the easiest name to pronounce or remember.  All too often at networking events, I get blank stares when it comes to me.  My name isn’t as easy as Sally, Beth, or Linda but it’s my name nonetheless. What are you going to do […]