If you’re not going to be social, why are you on social media?

True fact: I like reading your blogs. Everyone has a story to share, a passion, or a skill to pass on. I gain insight or learn something new. I like to be inspired and a perpetual student. I like your blog even more if I can find a way to subscribe, easily share your content, […]

Dear Facebook: I think you have ADD

And you need some serious help. I watched The Social Network and I’m pretty sure Mark Zuckerberg has ADD. Another revision? So soon? Already? I could have sworn there was an update like last month (friendship pages) and I barely got used to that. People say change is good. Change should be embraced however I’m […]

A Letter to Facebook

Dear Facebook, I love you. I really do. I joined early on before I even knew what you could become or what power you held over me. I joined because my sister told me you were “cool.” I left Friendster and MySpace to be with you. That’s how loyal I am. I was there amongst […]

ConnectOC 2.0: Bigger and Better

If you missed Thursday’s event, shame on you. I am still in awe at how amazingly successful it was and the attention to detail by the organizers. I am honored to be in their presence and grateful to call them my friends. I arrived early to be part of the OC Bloggers table and was […]

Connect with the Best of OC on Sept. 9th

If you missed the first ConnectOC event back in February, be sure to mark your calendar for this Thursday’s event which will draw 500 people from all over Orange County to one spot – the Hilton Hotel in Costa Mesa at 3050 Bristol St.  Why do you want attend? Where else can you be in […]

My Debut as a Video Blogger

Curiosity has been getting the best of me. As social media continues to evolve, I’ve wanted to follow its every move and dabble in all the latest things and that’s been video blogging or commonly known as “vlogging.” Being a little camera shy, I started with podcasts just to see what it would be like […]

Social Media: A Simple Starter’s Guide

You’ve heard the term social media floating around and thought “I should probably include that in my marketing plan.” However for some reason it slipped your mind or you considered the technology to be intimidating. What if I told you it was as simple as watching grass grow and could be a major addition to […]

Social Media: Get Started and Stay in the Game

Impressed with my first meeting of the Social Media Mastermind group of Orange County, I found it within myself to join them again this Saturday morning. Not being an early morning person, this was a huge feat but once there I’m always happy to be amongst the sharp minds of OC. At the tail end […]