Reclaiming the “Queen of Happiness” Title

Earlier this year (late April to be exact), I took a life changing course because my SoCal Mom Sandy told me too and she was hell bent on me being there. I saw the impact it could have on my life and dragged my BFF (Best Friend Forever) Trina in there with me. If I […]

Audio Blog: Childhood Dreams

As a kid, it’s easy to dream that anything is possible. No one has told you it isn’t. So I wonder why as adults we suddenly put barriers on ourselves. While on vacation in Santa Cruz, I observed a little girl running up to her Dad. The excitement was evident on both their faces. If […]

Nostalgia in the North

Late last month, I headed north for the San Francisco marathon (my 9th marathon and 2nd on the list for the CA Dreamin’ series).  The drive is long and tiring; about 6-7 hours total which leaves room for a lot of thought while staring at nothing but rolling hills and smelling the various dairies you […]